A Message from the Founder

Broxton was started for one reason: I needed jeans that fit. I have a narrow waist, large thighs, and an ass from playing sports all my life. As I became conscious of how my clothes fit, I searched online, in stores, and asked friends for suggestions. Everything I found was either too tight on my thighs, too loose on the waist, or didn't fit at all. I became more and more frustrated and decided compromising wasn't acceptable. I decided to make jeans for people with the same problem as me. Over the last year and a half, I focused on designing the perfect pair of jeans: superb fit and lasting quality at a fair price. Now I'm happy to share my passion with all who struggle to find jeans.

This venture has taken a lot of help and support. I want to thank everyone that's helped and supported along the way. It takes a village to raise a child... and start a business. 

With that said, this story is nowhere near finished. 

Welcome to the squad,